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The Geek Out SA Crew

Vince Guzman - Host

Vincent has been a geek since his grandma made him his very first Superman cape that he flew around the house and yard in. As you can probably tell his favorite superhero is Superman. Vince is also a technology fanatic. If it is new technology and he can get his hands on it then he is going to explore it and see how it ticks. Vince has an affinity for movies and loves to quote movie lines, he has hundreds memorized, although Yoda’s famous “do or do not, there is no try” is his favorite. Vince also watches tons of television shows from Flash and Arrow to Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Vince has also been playing and designing tabletop games since he was in high school. he has his own tabletop gaming company Pinche Games. Vince thinks that it is great to be a part of fandom and he hopes to encourage people to branch out and try various types of fandom. Vince just wants you to find something that you really think is cool and then Geek Out over it because it is so much fun to do.

Colleen Guzman - Co-Host

Colleen began her geeky adventure watching Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock and Tom Baker with his perfect scarf. She loved every 1980’s/1990’s cartoon she could watch, like Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats and GI Joe. She destroyed more Star Wars and GI Joe figures than she cares to admit and many are probably still buried in her mom’s front yard. Colleen was introduced to tabletop gaming in junior high through D&D and she still has her very first character sheet. Colleen also loves to watch geek movies and geek TV shows, although oddly enough no Dr. Who since Tom Baker. She enjoys cosplay and has tried to create several costumes for herself and her sons. She also enjoys geeky crafting. Colleen would like to see more tolerance and acceptance in fandom so she encourages people to be kind to one another and to give other geeks a chance.

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